What are the Provestra Ingredients?


Provestra Ingredients

Provestra remains one of the more helpful women’s health supplements on the market as it provides support to the libido. As most are already well aware, the libido refers to a woman’s sex drive. Do to a variety of factors, a sex drive can decline and decline significantly.

Such factors can range from poor dietary choices to the natural process of aging. Regardless of the reason for the decline in a woman’s sex drive, there will likely be a desire to reverse the decline. This is where Provestra can prove to be a tremendous help.

Provestra is an excellent supplement that offers natural herbs which can reverse sex drive problems. While most women will certainly appreciate the available help such a product offers, there will likely remain obvious questions regarding what are the main Provestra ingredients.

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Questions about Provestra ingredients are certainly well worth asking. No one wants to find themselves in a position where they take supplements which have a decidedly adverse reaction. Such adverse reactions would likely be allergic ones since there have been no harmful side effects reported with taking this supplement.

That said, it would be best to provide a clear insight into what are the main Provestra ingredients….

Four of the most common sexual health natural herbs are included in the supplement’s stack: L-Arginine, Ginseng, Gingko Balboa, and the Damiana Leaf. L-Arginine will increase blood flow to the sexual organs; Ginseng has long since been established as an aphrodisiac, Damiana Leaf is known to enhance a woman’s orgasms, and Ginkgo Balboa is known for enhancing energy and sexual prowess.

Another very helpful ingredient added to the mix is Indole-3 Carbinol which helps balance a woman’s estrogen levels. Another natural aphrodisiac found in this product is Theobromine which is found in, of all things, chocolate.

Provestra Ingredients

There are other “secondary” Provestra ingredients which are intended to provide additional support to the body. Licorice Root is intended to help clean the liver which can aid in speeding up the body’s metabolism. Black Cohosh Root is the ingredient intended to reduce vaginal dryness and reverse the presence of hot flashes.

Red Rasberry helps deal with menopause symptoms while presenting reproductive support. And then there is Valerian Root which is a common natural sleep aid. Really, a good night’s sleep can help address all many of stress issues related to a low libido.

Provestra Ingredients

These are the main Provestra ingredients. They are all natural and have been used by many cultures and civilizations for thousands of years.

Their holistic benefits are pronounced and they do not come with adverse side effects since severe stimulants or diuretics are not part of the mix. That said, it is again advised to look over all the ingredients carefully to be sure you do not have any allergic reactions.

The ingredients present in Provestra are blended together in a proprietary manner designed to maximize their impact. Those that have used this supplement will be quick to point out it is highly effective and, ultimately, that is what counts the most.

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